Generally, it is the proprietors intention to impose as few restrictions as possible, as freedom from these is part of the freedom desired on a holiday, but in the case of wilful neglect or obvious disregard of normal propriety, the proprietors reserve the right to act in any manner they deem necessary to prevent such neglect or disregard.

**Please note, The Park DOES NOT permit Commercial Vehicles/Transit Vans/Signed Vehicles/Work Vehicles of ANY description anywhere on site OR in the car park area to the front of the Holiday Park**

These rules are issued in conjunction with the site licence / agreement relating to the occupation of a site at Beamish Holiday Park / Leyburn Caravan Park and form part of the terms and conditions of the licence and the occupation of Holiday Homes.

1) Beamish Holiday Park is open for recreational and holiday purposes from 1st March to 31st January.

Leyburn Caravan Park is open 1st March to 5th January.

No one may stay overnight in Holiday Homes outside this period.

The Park Reception is attended throughout the year subject to reduced hours during the winter. Other amenities, facilities and entertainment will be available from time to time at the discretion of the Management.

2) No dogs,pets or animals of any kind may occupy Holiday Homes without prior written permission of the General Manager. Where allowed, all pets must at all times be kept under proper control and must not enter any facility building. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and prevented from fouling. Bitches in season are not permitted. Dogs should not foul anywhere on The Park. Any fouling must be cleared up and disposed of. Please place dog waste bags in the main skips on site and NOT in the bins around the playground or shop.

Pets are not to be in the control of juveniles and must be exercised off the caravan park. Pets should not be left unattended in caravans.

The following breeds of dog are not permitted anywhere on the park at any time- XL Bully, American Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Akita Wolfhound Hybrid, Japanese Tusa, Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braslliero or any dog which comes under The Dangerous Dog act.

3) Pedestrians are requested to use the designated footpaths and roadways where possible, but where pedestrian access through pitches is unavoidable such use must always be exercised with due care and attention to the expectations of residents at all times.

4) The quiet enjoyment of Holiday Home owners and bona fide guests within their designated pitch must be respected at all times.

5) NO motor vehicles are to exceed the speed limit of 5mph, and all drivers must observe all one way systems and directional signage at all times. All vehicles must be parked only in the designated parking areas provided and must display a valid Road Tax disc and have a current Mot Certificate (where appropriate) and current insurance cover. No vehicle is to be left unattended and permanently parked on the Park. No learner drivers. No commercial vehicles. (i.e. vans or lorries).

Be aware that all roads within Beamish Holiday Park / Leyburn Caravan Park are subject to normal regulations.

6) No monkey bikes, quad bikes or mopeds are allowed on the park without the express written permission of the Park Manager. The said vehicles with road going permissions are exempted from this condition .

7) No boats, trailers or tourers are permitted to be parked beside any Holiday Home at any time.

8) Repair and maintenance of any motor vehicle, boat or similar is not permitted anywhere on the park. No vehicle shall be used as an alternative or additional sleeping accommodation.

9) No timber/ plastic sheds are allowed. Metal boxes or plastic storage boxes will only be allowed with the prior written consent of the Park Management and in any circumstances is limited to two only. No verandas are allowed on the Park without the prior written consent of the Park Manager. No structure or item must be placed between the Holiday Homes without the knowledge and approval of the Park Manager.

10) Disabled access ramps and steps constructed in accordance with the standard designs will be allowed on the Park only with the prior written agreement of the Park Manager. They will be purchased from Beamosh Holiday Park / Leyburn Caravan Park and constructed by an approved contractor.

11) All ball games are to be played only on the recreational areas provided and not amongst the Holiday Homes.

12) The Park is generally designated as open plan therefore the areas between the Holiday Homes must always be kept free and unhindered to allow access to Emergency Services or other Authorised Personnel and Park users. ( Please also refer to Rules 3 and 4.)

13) Patios, pavers, fixed garden furniture, ornamental and all types of planting require the prior written approval of the Park Manager. All such items are deemed to have passed into the Park ownership upon completion. The Parks approved contractors only can undertake all building works. The care and cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep, to the Management required standards, thereafter resides with the Registered owner. The Management reserves the right to either remove, or bring up to the standard, any items it deems necessary, at the Registered Owners expense upon vacating for any reason, all additions completed in compliance with these Rules must remain in situ and the pitch must be brought up to an acceptable standard at the cost of the Registered Owner.

14) Windbreaks and garden furniture may only be erected for use during daylight hours whilst the Holiday Home remains occupied and must be removed on departure. Any such item left in situ and constituting a potential trip or fire hazard will be removed. The erection of fences around pitches is forbidden.

15) Holiday Home owners remain responsible for any and all costs associated with the removal or disposal of their Holiday Home, which may result due to abandonment, or at cessation of tenure for whatever reason.

16) Registered Owners remain responsible for the general upkeep of their Holiday Home and the tidiness with a one metre perimeter area around the unit, ensuring the entire area underneath is kept clean and free of all stored and flammable material at all times. The Management reserves the right to charge an additional maintenance or upkeep required to maintain any neglected pitches or units to an acceptable standard.

17) Litter must be disposed of in the Litter bins Provided.

18) Tents are not allowed to be erected between Holiday Homes.

19) No signs or names can be displayed in or around the Holiday Home.

20) A Holiday Home is meant for recreational purpose, no business can be operated from the Holiday Home.

21) Fires – The lighting of fires is strictly forbidden on any part of the Caravan Park.

22) Caravans may not be sold on the Caravan Park. A pitch is not transferable without prior arrangement with the proprietors. Items for sale such as tourers and cars must not be advised on the park.

23) Caravans and their accessories and contents are left at the Owners risk. The proprietors or their servants will not be responsible for loss thereof or damage caused.

24) All Caravans must meet with current gas safety regulations and comply with the requirements of BS715/5440/5482 ( Waterheater Flueing and Caravan Ventilation.)

25) Any static moving off the site must have the agreement of the site owner. Disconnection must be carried out by the Parks own contractors.

26) The proprietor requests the proof of insurance and Customer identification for all seasonal tourers and static caravans owners to be submitted to the head office upon request.

27) Children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by parents or guardian whilst inside the clubhouse.

28) Washing lines are not permitted and clothes horses should be no higher than 1m (no higher than your veranda)

29) Non payment of site fees by the requested date will result in the disconnection of the caravan and removal from the site at the Holiday Home Owners expense.

30) To assist customers with their obligation of site fees it is allowed to rent out a holiday home for up to a period of 6 weeks per season to friends and relatives (subject to legal obligations). Forms must be completed – please ask at Reception.

31) Children under the age of 18 MUST NOT be left on site unsupervised by parents/guardian.

32) Our excess water charge is £250 plus VAT. Customers will be billed for any leaks etc. Please rememeber to turn off your water.

33) Caravans and cars must be positioned in the places indicated. They must be moved to fresh pitches as requested at any time when this seems necessary. The preferences of caravanners will be met as far as reasonably possible.

34) Firearms and Catapults – These are strictly prohibited.

35) No music , singing or other noise which would cause a nuisance to other occupiers of the caravan park shall be permitted between the hours of 11pm and 9am daily. Music MUST be kept at a low volume at all times.  Children should not be in the Play area or ball area between the hours of 9pm and 9am.

36) The cutting of trees is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions of the area are not to be disturbed. Litter is to be placed in the bins provided. Rubbish must not be disposed of into the sewerage system.

37) The erection of fences or railings around caravans and the driving of nails into timber is forbidden.

38) Excess Water Charge – Our excess water charge is £250 plus VAT. Customers will be billed for unreported leaks etc.

39) No articles other than containers for waste water are permitted to be placed under caravans, nothing should be stored under your caravan.

40) The proprietors will not accept any liability for injury sustained or suffered by any user of the caravan park or for loss, damage or injury to vehicles, caravans or property of any kind brought onto the park by any user of accommodation.

41) The proprietors or their representatives may require any person not observing the conditions to leave the caravan park and if the owner of a caravan, to remove forthwith. THE DECISION OF THE PROPRIETORS SHALL BE FINAL ON THE QUESTION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT ANY CONDITION HAS OR HAS NOT BEEN OBSERVED.

42) Electricity to caravans. 220-250 volts suitable for :- lights, television, fridges. Overloading will fuse the supply.

43) The proprietors will not be responsible for the maintenance of internal electricity, gas or plumbing in caravans.

44)  Gas delivery vehicles with the exception of our own supplier, are not permitted on the park. The maximum number of cylinders allowed beside each Touring Caravan is one. Cylinders must not be secured by chains etc incase of an emergency.

45) No tradesmen are to ply for business on the park without prior arrangement of the management. Items for sale such as tourers and cars must not be advertised on the park.

46) Please desist from walking around the park whilst carrying or consuming cans bottles or glasses of alcoholic drinks.

47) The proprietor requests proof of insurance for all seasonal tourers and static caravans to be submitted to head office.

48) Hiring of Static Caravans from the Park – Please note that all Caravans hired from us are cleaned and inspected after use. If any deliberate and wilful damage has been caused to the Caravan (both interior and exterior), the cost of rectifying this will be charged to the Customer name on the booking. If the Caravan is, as a result, not fit to be hired out again until the damage has been rectified (spare parts and doors etc have to be ordered), the Customer will be liable to pay the season rate for that duration of time.

49) Children MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult in the shower and toilet block at all times – toilet codes should not be given to children under the age of 16.

50) No water balloons or water squirting devices – they are strictly forbidden.

51) There is a maximum of 3 adults per booking – pitch, any unit, static caravan etc

52) Deposits & refunds


If you wish to cancel your booking, and it is more than 10 days before arrival, we will refund your payment minus a non-refundable deposit of £40 (if less was paid for the stay i.e. 1 night stays, no refund is applicable)

However, as long as there has been notice given, we may allow customers to move their booking to a different date within the season.


If you wish to cancel your booking AND it is more than 10 days before arrival, we will refund your payment, minus a 50% non-refundable deposit.

However, as long as there has been notice given, we may allow customers to move their booking to a different date within the season.


When you buy a Holiday Home, we ask for a deposit of 10% of the overall cost, this deposit is non-refundable. If we accept lower than 10%, any deposit paid is non-refundable.

It is always recommended that customers have valid travel insurance against which any compensation can be claimed.

53) Hot Tub Safety Rules; Can be used between 9am and 10pm)

  • Shower before entering the Hot Tub
  • Do NOT use soap/bubbles in the Hot Tub.
  • Please remember the floor can become slippery – be careful entering and exiting.
  • Do not use alcohol, drugs or medication before or during the use of the Hot Tub.
  • No glass to be in or around the Hot Tub.
  • Children MUST be supervised by an Adult at all times.
  • Strictly no jumping or diving.
  • Pregnant women should consult a doctor prior to using the Hot Tub.
  • Any persons with health issues i.e. heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or any other illness’, should consult a doctor before using the Hot Tub.
  • Do NOT enter if the temperature is over 40°C – limit your use to 15 minutes and cool off before re-entry.
  • Replace the Hot Tub cover after each use – this will help to keep the water hot. Please be careful of the clips – if the lid is not removed properly, it could result in the clips/lid being broken which you could be charged for.
  • Please do NOT sit or climb on the Hot Tub cover.
  • Hot Tubs NOT be used between the hours of  10pm and 9am – turn off all of the lights and jets before leaving the Hot Tub.